Jimmy Deen
Jimmy Deen counts an illustrious two decades in the media/radio industry.

Hailing from a multicultural and musical background, born Faraz Deen on the 19th of October, is a true Libran who gravitates towards the arts.
He admires Richard Branson for his vision and Michael Moore for his boldness and also enjoys cooking, painting, target shooting and photography during his spare time.
His professional history spans over a variety of radio networks such as  FM 99, (Sri Lanka’s first private radio station) through to  big names such as Maharaja Broadcasting, ABC Radio, Voice of Asia and to where he holds his current position as  Director Programming, Real Radio, Real Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd. 
Jimmy Deen has had exposure both on the national and international arenas.  His international exposure has helped him to revolutionize the concept of media and entertainment and to create his own unique style of delivery.

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